Omnibus Filing, an exhibition of artworks, inventions, prototypes and cross-disciplinary research which features the work of James Sham, Daniel Bozhkov, Brian Korgel, Steven Brower and Patrick Killoran will be opening Friday, Jan 27 6-9pm, at the Visual Arts Center Mezzanine Gallery, University of Texas at Austin. 

The exhibition runs from Jan 27 – Feb 24, 2017.

The exhibition features:
-An Artificial Intelligence-bot that writes original patents
-A Virtual Reality installation
-A Meditation station controlled by brainwaves
-A robot that tries to teach poetry
-The debut of a radical invention in Solar Energy
-A man attempting to re-enact childbirth
-A research paper with which you can cuddle
-A Mausoleum for a Bumble Bee 
-and more!
You can find a digital copy of the exhibition guide here: